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Tampilkan postingan dengan label 2013 curriculum. Tampilkan semua postingan

Senin, 27 Juni 2022

 The 2013 Curriculum

"kurtilas" is what they said for the new curriculum in Indonesia. As far as i know, Indonesia has changed 11 times for their curriculum. From the period of the Dutch colonization in 1949 with the name of Veer Plan until now the 2013 curriculum. This new curriculum has been taught to all level teacher from elementary teacher until senior high school teacher according to the Country Regulation from the Indonesia Ministry of Education. There are so many regulations that relate to this new curriculum, such as; Government Regulation No.32 year 2013 about the change of national standard of education, Constitution No. 20 year 2003 about national education system, and so on.

This new curriculum is focused on Attitude and Ability. With a purpose for the students in Indonesia can bring a bright future for Indonesia in the future with self-independent on their shoulder to face the world. 

Started from 2013, this new curriculum has been socialized to schools in Indonesia by the government. In the reality, there are big problems concerning the application about this curriculum, especially the readiness for the teachers and the students in Indonesia. In fact, this curriculum will only be applied for the chosen schools where all the human resources from principal, teacher, and students are ready to adopt this curriculum. According to the data, there are core schools with amount 6326 all over Indonesia which are ready to apply this curriculum. Whatsoever this curriculum has made a big issue for the national education in Indonesia.

There are facts that showing us the shortage of this curriculum, for example;
1. English lesson will be an extracurricular that will be nonobligatory lesson for students (in this case public school especially), moreover there are elementary schools that remove this important lesson from their subject at school. But for some private and expensive schools, it still remains a compulsory lesson in their school.
2. Computer lesson will be removed also in some schools
3. National language and Traditional language will be removed also, note: Indonesia has 300 tribe with different culture and language
4. Etc

With so many polemics that encounter this curriculum, the writer must say that it is a wise act if the government especially the ministry of education can delay or do a fit and proper test first before socializing about this curriculum. But just a suggestion from the bottom of my heart, there's no need to change the curriculum if the contents are still has correlations with the older version, we just have to increase or repair the shortages from the older version so that it won't confusing the lower level such as teachers and students especially.