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Selasa, 16 Agustus 2022

Checking for Understanding and Asking for Clarification in English


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Haloooo Guys, Keep on learning OK :)


Kelas hari ini Mr akan menjelaskan tentang Checking for Understanding and Asking for Clarification in English, yang artinya memeriksa pemahaman dan meminta klarifikasi dalam bahasa Inggris. Pelajaran ini sangat berguna terutama kalian yang duduk di bangku kelas 8 SMP/MTS.


Pembelajaran kali ini terbagi menjadi 4 bagian, let’s go


A. Checking for Understanding:


Do you understand?

Are you following me?

Got it?

Have you understood?

Do you understand what I’m saying?

Do you understand what I mean?

Any questions?


B. Expressing lack of understanding:


Sorry, I don’t understand

I don’t quite follow you

I’m not sure I got your point

What do you mean?

I’m sorry. I didn’t quite hear what you said

I beg your pardon, but I still don’t get it


C. Asking for clarification


To put it differently …

Let me clarify it for you …

Sorry, let me explain …

Ok, let me put it in another way …


D. Showing understanding


I got it

I understand

I understood

I know what you mean

Ok, I got what you mean

I’m with you

Oh, I see


Ok guys sekian materi hari ini semoga bermanfaat yah. Jangan lupa latihannya dikerjakan yah. Bye



"English Grammar Quiz for Beginner until Advance Level"

The Checking for Understanding Quiz

You can do this grammar quiz online or print it on paper. It tests what you’ve learned on the Checking for Understanding lesson

page. Please choose the right answer.

1. Teacher: "Ok, please keep in mind that when we develop a simple past tense, we must use verb 2,      ...       ?"
    Students: "Yes, we do, mister"

    The correct expression for filling the blank spot is ...

 Can you know it?
 Do you understand?
 Are we clear?

2. Ujang: “The elliptical phrase could be really easy for us if just we know how the pattern

    Joshua: “Sorry, I don’t agree with you, what do you mean by that?

    What expression is the bold sentence?

 To check for understanding
 To express lack of understanding 
 To ask for clarification

Read the following dialogue to answer number 3-6!

 Jasmine: “In The passive voice sentence, we must use the Auxiliary To.Be which is followed by past participle or we call it “Verb 3”. So Guys, are you following me?

Syifa        : “ Yes, I’m following you

Jacob        : “What do you mean with Auxiliary To.Be?”

Asep        : “Don’t you get it, Jacob?”

Jasmine    : “Well then, I’ll explain it slowly now

3. Which sentence that asking about checking understanding?

 What do you mean with auxiliary
 I'm following you
 Are you following me?

4. Who is still confused with the explanation?


5. The expression that shows understanding is ...

 Don't you get it?
 Yes, I'm following you
 I'll explain it slowly now

6. The expression that shows lack of understanding is ...

 What do you mean?
 Don't you get it?
 Are you following me?

7. To check for understanding, we use ...

 I don't quite follow you
 Any questions?
 Could you say that again, please?

8. To ask for clarification, we use ...

 Are you following me?
 I'm not sure, I got your point
 Could you explain that again?

9. To show understanding, we use ...

 Ok, I got what you mean
 What do you mean by that?
 I beg your pardon, but I don't quite understand

10. To show lack of understanding, we use ...

 Got it?
 I don't quite follow you?
 Do you understand what I'm saying

Your score is:

Correct answers:

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