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Tampilkan postingan dengan label english knowledge. Tampilkan semua postingan

Selasa, 21 Juni 2022


     English as an International language has been known as a means of communication. There are so many countries that used English as their first language or second language although they aren't English-based countries. For many years, practitioners, teachers, and lecturers have developed the easiest way to study this language. The facts are there are still many problems which the pupils or students can't understand the grammar or how to communicate with English.

    The pupils sometimes couldn't understand how to express their feelings or respond with the right words. It seems because that language is seldom to be practiced so it won't be easy for them to express. There are so many courses or English classes that give their students promises to teach them the right methods for mastering the English language.

    After twenty years of teaching English, I realized that many of my students who can speak with good pronunciation and understand the grammar are those who like singing an English song, playing games with English as communication, watching English videos, and all that related to English. All these characteristics motivate them to be able to master English.

      The motivation of the students can also be the trigger to become fluent in English spoken or writing. Last but not least, the role of family, education especially the teacher, and the environment can influence the students. There is one proverb saying "rather than studying the foreign language in college or university for more than 4 years, it's better to stay in that country for only 3 weeks".

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